lights like

a magnet


on a

force of

habit to set you free

go down

on bended knee

slow down

with bended mind

can't stop this rolling

in and out again

to the nearing end

just to play again

a token


the only friend


here it comes again

the waiting

for the pigeon

the quarter

the hour

the religion





reality snaps

apart from the mind

morality lost

and too hard to find

a strength to battle

the mass confusion

no wait of fate

its here at last

is holding fast

is holding...




no swimming

above the end

of childhood

just floating

on top the

end of a


when forming a circle

with broken sticks

the torn fragments

the torn worn rags

no needle can fix

if to eat what they eat

barely alive

or do without

and then to starve

the hunger of absence

becomes a daze

the measure of time

lost in the haze

the measure of time

the measure of time

the measure of time

lost in the


lost in the


of time


blank expression

as you walk on by

pent aggression

they don't ask why

why why

where's your leader what's his name

bring you power it's all a game

play play - man made fool

man made fool

obey man's rule

man made rule

obey you fools

you try to defend

the means for an end

while tied up you thought

no way out

no way in

stop to begin

man made fools

obey man's rules

man made fools

obey man's fool



yes sir no

if theres a rule

then youre that rule

the logics out

the orders in

riddles you blind

controlled by time

the first in line

with orders in

pays the bills

spirit it kills

the dead alive

the orders in

yes sir no

do your best

to rot inside


the orders in

work machine

the masters dream

scrubbed and clean

to crucify

use your hands

at their commands

and swallow your pride

the orders in


and now

the crevice of revolt

to call for my own

a vice for a crown

a nail bedded throne

was not meant to be

can not everlast

a page from the past

lives on endlessly

falling in fighting a soul within

bleeding and dying again

its coming again


sheeps are led

out from within

to rise from the dead


of discontent

out from within

live to repent


construction production

resulting reduction

he just keeps building up up up up

he just keeps building up

he just keeps filling himself with greed

and his blood is spilling out

with metal hands a chip in his brain

severely confused of what is to gain

how many lives how many hands

pushing and shoving breeding the pain

he just keeps building up

picking up the pace

he just keeps building up

for the end of his race

rewind rewind rewind

what answers left to find

mechanical movement man is so blind

what answers left to find

fast forwarding to the end of time

he just keeps building up

destructions coming down

he just keeps building up

and his fate is coming around



precaution solved problem

precaution solved probelm


baptized minds in the blood of greed

have hold reveive more than they need

new life in a old grave

need feed behave

precaution solved problem

precaution solved problem

captive minds made to see one side

hereditary lies

now hate despise

to lie in an open grave

self kept rewarded slave

what is needed to survive and who gets spared

ing a ritual overfeeding the full

who are not more

deserving than the ones

who fall down

to the ones

who fall blind

as far as

the eye can



one little lie

never to deny

flows like truth

into a blind eye

undeniably guilty

but never caught undeniably guilty

but morals reflect the need to reject

what once was true is not true

in movement lose it

deformed from youth

one little mind twisted down the line

end the cycle

end its life

one mans words are just another mans lie

the old is new old is news

risk everything

self as god

all the views

you suffer


with second

hand news

reach back

and recall


hard to retrieve

so much has been lost

with a third eye nailed open

to what comes at any cost

while safe in the wait

of hour for hour

comes the exchange

of power for power

and in a numbing awakening

of man over man

lies a hidden grace waiting to regain

the distance gone by to stop and begin

the recycled life that starts from within

war on third from the sun has all but yet begun

conform to deform and now the power of possession

wont give us the weapons weve already lost

war expect a miracle hope and fears gain and lose

and now deform to transform and when it is gone

the seed is never lost




out of so many feelings inside

24 hours is never going to come

until i see a full moon rising

coming round one more time

with no more feelings of pride

when i think i'm never going to win

between the ears bring

a cold wind blowing

a bold not knowing

nowhere going

not my mind

not my plan

not this heart

not this hand


below real



do you want to slow a time to let flow

heal them

heal me

nothing inside not feeling

nothing in mind

chipping of the heart rocklike

what of the sould left inside

whats left inside

what was fresh is now rotten

long since gone but not forgotten

breathe in the moment

exhale the past

will you forget the moment

will you forget the lost

will you forget the lesson

will you forget the cause

can you forget and not regret life on and on

you will never forget on and on through time

on and on you will never forget

until your own demise


nows the time you know

live and die let go

the time not spent

you might regret

use everything you know

let go

nows the time to show

the hate and fear that flows

youre only living to rot inside

seek your reflection dont hide

go youll only suffer a loss inside

only learn to die

you have the time

to have no time

and only live

to die


crimson blind eyes

prepared to taste

through tortured lives

this human waste

their primal screams

ripped at the seams

go down in multitudes

no choice to refuse

in unfairness

they take their last breath

in unfair death

thier souls will never


selfish lies


tortured lives

unheard cries


so many of them lie



in human waste

senseless slaughter

whats the price to pay

you want it

and lost it anyway

the kill

of one side thrill

and like to think

you won it still

the want

the take

the want

the take

of life


many of them die


rotten life

just a human



when do we stop the sacrilege


we have so much left

yet we lose it


we're so hard to get inside


under construction...

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